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The Story

Royal Cup has partnered with international non-profit Neverthirst to provide clean water to communities around the world through the sale of our Roar coffee.


The Cause

Neverthirst is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and living water to villages around the world. For more on Neverthirst and their mission visit: Neverthirstwater.org

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Our Impact

The Opportunity

Funding Options

  • Water is Life - Cambodia $4,500 for a well serving approx 20-25 families
  • Water is Life - South Sudan $8,500 for a well serving approx 400-600 people
  • Water is Life - India $3,000 for a well serving approx 18-30 families
  • School rain tank project - Cambodia $8,500 for an entire school access to clean water (approx 250 kids)
  • School WASH project (large biosand filter) - Cambodia $13,000 for an entire school hand washing station and latrines (approx 600 kids)
  • Rainwater gathering tank - Cambodia $800 to give a family access to clean water (serves 5-7)
  • Biosand filter plus a latrine - Cambodia $300 for a family (serves 5-7)
  • Biosand filter - Cambodia $150 for a family (serves 5-7)
  • Biosand filter - Nepal $150 for a family (serves 5-7)
  • Biosand filter - Chad $300 for a family (serves 10-15)
  • Biosand filter - South Sudan / Sudan $300 for a family (serves 10-15)

Neverthirst Goals for 2017

  • 90 Water is Life Cambodia wells
  • 60 Water is Life South Sudan wells
  • 150 Water is Life India wells
  • 6 Cambodia school rain tank projects
  • 9 Cambodia school WASH projects
  • 100 Cambodia household rain tanks
  • 340 Cambodia biosand filter and latrine projects
  • 1500 Cambodia biosand filters
  • 350 Nepal biosand filters
  • 200 South Sudan biosand filters
  • 300 Sudan biosand filters
  • 300 Chad biosand filters

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