Customer case study

Case Study: Creating Office Collaboration

Client Problem:

This Washington D.C. law firm wanted to create a central space for its employees to meet and collaborate. As an industry leader in the legal community, firm leaders wanted to develop a premier area in the office that would set it apart from competitors and give its employees a destination to connect, refresh and engage. Employee happiness and workplace culture were of the utmost importance, so the client contacted Royal Cup to help make its vision a reality.

Situation Analysis:

When Royal Cup arrived, the project was underway. The firm waited until Royal Cup was engaged to determine the coffee solution, and looked to Royal Cup for guidance in product and equipment selection, as well as industry benchmarking and best practices.

Proposed Solution:

Product: Lucky for the client, coffee is kind of our thing. A premium, dark-roasted blend, roasted by Royal Cup, was selected to provide an incredible, full-bodied beverage from the espresso machine. High-quality, on demand tea flavors, including sweet tea, peach tea and half & half tea, offered a premium iced beverage option to complement the coffee offerings.

Equipment: Top-of-the-line is the best way to describe the equipment package that we recommended for the firm. Super-automatic espresso machines and on-demand tea dispensers highlighted this beverage program.

Distribution: As is our specialty, Royal Cup offered direct, full-service route distribution in order to maintain a beverage program of this caliber. Direct delivery from the roaster cut out the middleman, allowing for competitive pricing and assurance in the quality of the product.

Service: To complement the direct-from-the-roaster delivery, Royal Cup provided full-service break station service as well as a complete equipment maintenance package. One supplier – one solution.

Solution Rationale:

Royal Cup recommended best-in-class equipment that wowed the visitor and paired it with artfully-crafted coffees. To round out the firm’s beverage offering, iced tea was selected as a refreshing alternative to hot specialty drinks. This program accommodated every employee’s drinking preferences for all parts of the day.

Final Results:

To say the renovation went well would be an understatement. The selected beverage program fit perfectly with the law firm’s high-end space, and contributed to the collaborative environment envisioned by the client. The firm’s objectives were hit, and Royal Cup was proud to be a part of such an innovative project.