Customer case study

Case Study #2

Client Problem:

As one of the premier resorts in the Southeast, this client was sourcing coffee from a local roaster. The coffee was good, but not great. The resort received very little additional support from the roaster, and the roaster was not able to provide or service equipment. While the program was not broken, there was potential for a lot more.

Situation Analysis:

The client was suffering from a program that was not broken, but was not maximizing its potential. The resort brewed decent coffee with minimal support from the roaster partner.

Proposed Solution:

Product: Royal Cup worked with the executive chef and director of beverages to create a custom blend for this resort from our micro-roasting facility, the H.C. Valentine Coffee Company. This new blend was made to order, ensuring maximum freshness, and exclusively contained beans from the top 2 percent of coffees in the world.

Equipment: Royal Cup provided new coffee brewing equipment to the resort with no up-front cost by building the cost of equipment into the price of the coffee. By upgrading the equipment, Royal Cup calibrated the pulse brew and bypass settings on the machines to maximize the flavor of the coffee.

Distribution: Royal Cup delivered the product weekly to the resort. Our managers walked the property, checked the equipment and made sure that the brewers and servers were always clean and in good working order.

Service: Royal Cup takes pride in providing sensational service. With a very fast response time and high level of expertise, our techs always met the high standards set by the resort.

Solution Rationale:

Royal Cup offers the exceptional product quality of a micro roaster, backed by the power of the deepest sales and service network in the industry. The resort was able to maintain its high level of quality, while enjoying greater support in terms of equipment, service and training than any other micro roaster is able to provide.

Final Results:

The client was extremely pleased. They were able to craft a customized blend of coffee that is as unique as its resort. The coffee is always fresh when it arrives, and it always hits the mark in terms of quality. And the client knows that it has a roasting partner that is as committed as it is to helping it grow and continue to take the coffee program to new heights.