Customer case study

Case Study: Achieving Sustainable Status in Your Breakroom

Sustainable Office Solutions

Client Problem:

A current customer was in the process of building out a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building and wanted to have a more sustainable beverage program to match. However, due to budget constraints, they felt they were financially limited in their choices.

Situation Analysis:

When we met with the management team, they were adamant about removing foam cups and creating a more sustainable beverage program within their office. They also wanted to see what other options we offered by way of sustainability for the beverage program. With that in mind, we needed to help too on the budget issue.

Proposed Solution:

Product: Our recommendation was for the client to go with our Villa Rey Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees are grown on farms that meet holistic standards of sustainable agriculture, helping to improve the lives of farm workers and their families while protecting the environment for future generations. As a bonus we recommended the whole bean product instead of fractional packaging. This ensured every pot was ground fresh every time (not to mention the amazing aroma every morning that welcomed staff to the office)! Finally, we recommended making the easy switch from foam cups to bio degradable paper cups.

Equipment: Prior to the sustainability initiative, the client was using glass bowl pots. We recommended a combination of dual-grinder and thermal carafe system. This was a two-fold solution for the customer. It eliminated waste by grinding the coffee at time of consumption and saved energy with the thermal carafe by doing away with the heated plate previously used for glass bowls.

Distribution: Due to the many break areas, we have inserted a CCR (customer care rep) that pre-orders and stocks all break areas once per week. This assists heavily in inventory control for the client as well by having a second person in the account each week in addition to our normal Territory reps. We also developed a excel document to track product usage by floor. We attach a copy each week with the invoice to make sure the client is aware of which floors are using the most product to help with their budget throughout the year.

Solution Rationale:

The whole-bean coffee solution was a hit. Not only did the employees love the taste of the new coffee, they love that the management team had “stepped up” the coffee program as a whole. The management team was happy as we were able to make the coffee change that worked into their overall budget while providing the CCR and inventory tools.

Final Results:

This client now has a great coffee that is ground fresh with every pot, served in a paper cup and feels great about supporting Rainforest Alliance. Truly a sustainable solution to a green friendly office.