Customer case study

Case Study: Increasing Employee Satisfaction with Quality Coffee

Great coffee means happy employees

Client Problem:

As every company strives to be a “Best Places to Work” company, this client was looking to elevate their beverage program by offering an overall better perk for their employees, an upgraded, fantastic quality cup of coffee, improved customer service and key account management. For our client contact, she was looking for an easy way to get her employees happy again. And what better way to get employees happy again than great coffee!

Situation Analysis:

The client was experiencing rapidly declining service, inconsistencies in products, all too frequent equipment failures and just an overall lack of attention from their provider.

Proposed Solution:

Product: We conducted a traditional drip coffee tasting with a variety of Royal Cup roasted coffee blends. The client chose a couple coffees from our Villa Rey line along with our new Baker’s Dozen Donut blend. They are also offering our On Demand Iced Tea, UV Filtered and Sparkling Water to enjoy an Italian Soda with flavored Torani Syrups!

Equipment: Royal Cup provided all brand new equipment from industry leading office beverage manufacturers. We also installed our Leak Prevention Program on all equipment as an added benefit to our program.

Distribution: This campus is serviced from one of our friendly Territory Managers who has actually been in the industry for 15+ years. Due to the size of the campus, we offered an additional level of customer service from our Key Account Manager. With visits to the campus bi-weekly, we are able to take pre-inventory, clean, service and maintain equipment, fill cups holders and condiment organizers, build relationships within the client and communicate necessary information and needs back to the Royal Cup team.

Service: As always, our local Royal Cup OCS personnel truly operated as a team and teamed up yet again to make sure this customer was serviced properly and promptly.

Solution Rationale:

Royal Cup offers a wide variety of beverages and break room related products to fit every client’s pallet. The ability to customize a program and help hit the goals put in place by the client is our sweet spot. Coupling that with our sensational service, that’s what makes Royal Cup a leading national Office Beverage Provider.

Final Results:

Well, we have happy employees again! This was the ultimate goal and was achieved very easily. The client was able to elevate the program, provide a bigger and better perk with more offerings to their employees but because she really thought about the program, the company did not increase their program spend….they just spent wiser! The one comment that we never get sick of hearing is, “Your Company really cares about your clients. We are not just a number”. Not only did the service improve, the overall program is running so much smoother than it was with the previous vendor and it is allowing the client contact to again, focus on her job, instead of the coffee program.