Royal Cup Brands

Royal Cup Brands


Prideland is the fuel of down-to-earth, hardworking Americans. Those who go to work early in the morning or work a late third shift, they always find time to sit down with their family to share a meal. It’s their spirit, their pride – distilled into a hot cup of coffee or refreshing glass of tea. Value at the core, but without compromising quality. Satisfying to the taste buds, but respectful of the wallet. This is the brand of choice for those good and honest souls who are the heartbeat of our country.

Royal Cup Signature

Royal Cup Signature is our touchstone. Our hallmark. It is everything the Royal Cup brand has come to represent for more than a century. Unwavering quality. Good value. Outstanding taste. Our coffee and tea live in the hearts and minds of those who have enjoyed it with friends, family, and neighbors for years. A tribute to our most loyal, devoted customers, Royal Cup Signature is worthy of the Royal Cup name and is a delicious cup of who we are.


Bold and brilliant, ROAR is liquid luxury. Whether it’s the rich single-origin coffee or the delicate hand-picked tea, every drop is exquisite. Refined. Tasteful perfection. Upscale, yet humble. ROAR is for those who want to reward themselves with the best-and for whom the experience outweighs the cost. Because drinking ROAR goes well beyond simply enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. It’s a statement. A declaration. It says to the world “I never settle.” It’s a humbly exquisite ROAR.

H.C. Valentine

There are coffee drinkers, and there are coffee connoisseurs. To the latter, coffee is not a drink, it’s a passion. They want artwork and mastery. Small, exclusive batches conceived and crafted not by coffee roasters, but by coffee composers. They want their coffee to speak to them, inspire them, astound them. For them, we offer H.C. Valentine, the fruit of more than 120 years of exploration and innovation, infused with the imagination and genius of some of the most skilled artisans in the business.

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