We see office coffee as an opportunity to make the
American workplace a more inspiring, exciting, engaging
and fulfilling place.

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Royal Cup has been serving the American workplace outstanding products for nearly 50 years.

What comes to mind when you think of the coffee that’s currently in your office? Do you think of artfully-crafted, artisan-quality coffee rivaling that which is served by some of the nation’s most decorated chefs? What about aromatic, fresh coffee that you can’t wait to taste once you get to the office? Coffee so good that you bypass the 10 coffee shops you pass on your way to work?

Chances are, no. Most people have come to expect that the coffee served at the office is bad. How tragic! We’re here to change that.

At Royal Cup, we view office coffee as a means to making your company the best it possibly can be – a way to create an advantage in the global competition for talent.

Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? More so than you think.

Research has shown that workers love coffee – 65 percent drink coffee on the job, at an average of two cups a day. Research also indicates that coffee improves performance by keeping people awake, alert and focused, while improving memory and concentration. And coffee breaks create a positive office culture. Offering coffee improves your company’s culture and environment, while allowing colleagues to get to know each other better – it is a simple perk that improves morale.

So say “no” to bad office coffee. Your company is better than that, your team deserves better than that and your taste buds certainly desire better than that. We invite you to savor the experience and explore the Royal Cup difference.

Customer Case Studies

Real-world examples of client problems and Royal Cup solutions.

Case Study: Creating Office Collaboration

This large law firm wanted to create a collaborative space for employees…

Case Study: Reducing Administrative Strain with Service

A large manufacturer needed a formalized beverage program…

Case Study: Reducing the number of vendors for an existing customer

Case Study: Bringing Consistent Quality to a Large Medical Complex

A multi-unit medical provider had too many vendors and POs to deal with and asked how we could help...

Sustainable Office Solutions

Case Study: Achieving Sustainable Status in Your Breakroom

An existing customer took a hard look at having a more sustainable beverage program while building a LEED certified building. Luckily, Royal Cup was there to help...

Sustainable options to K Cup Machines

Case Study: Sustainable Single Cup Solutions

After years of using a common single cup system, an existing client was worried about their environmental and financial impact. Royal Cup had the perfect solution...

Great coffee means happy employees

Case Study: Increasing Employee Satisfaction with Quality Coffee

This client was looking to elevate their beverage program by offering an overall better perk for their employees, a better cup of coffee.

bean to cup office solutions

Case Study: How Bean to Cup can Reshape an Office Environment

A long time customer wanted to offer a coffee-shop style experience for his employees. Luckily, we had just the solution.

Case Study: Reducing Vendors and Increasing Quality

Having multiple vendors, sustainability initiatives and high administration costs plagued this customer. Thankfully, Royal Cup has the answer to every one of these problems.

Roar coffee pods

Case Study: ROAR Coffee Pods

Consistent quality can be an issue in a multi floor office building. Luckily we had the perfect solution.

office break room pantry solutions coffee

Pantry Service Case Study

A large financial-technology firm had experienced tremendous growth quickly and needed a pantry service that would keep up. Thankfully, Royal Cup was there to help.

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