2016 Sustainability

At Royal Cup, we measure sustainability success using the Triple Bottom Line. This framework captures an expanded spectrum of
values and criteria for measuring organizational success by
Social Responsibility, Economic Stability and

Environmental Stewardship.

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Report Overview

The 2016 Sustainability Report
features this, that and the other.

As a company committed to environmental awareness and socially responsible practices, Royal Cup takes pride in constantly researching and developing products and solutions. Our goal is to help customers achieve their objectives, while providing solutions that are environmentally and socially responsible.

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Social Responsibility

At Royal Cup, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is central to our core values. We conduct business in an ethical and responsible way.
We are investing in a number of initiatives to maintain our strong CSR position for the future.

  1. Continue giving a minimum of 5% pre-tax profits to charity.
  2. 90% of headquarter employees donate to United Way.
  3. Increase partnerships with MWBE (Minority and Women Businesses) Certified organizations by 10%.
  4. Expand and brand the corporate volunteer program. Incorporate all employee/corporate volunteer and participation efforts under a single umbrella to be highlighted and communicated.

2016 Goals

Economic Stability

Royal Cup recognizes the necessity of a healthy economic state in order to positively influence the well being of our employees, partners, and customers. We recognize and promote strategies that spur creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship throughout the organization, which facilitates the creation of shared knowledge that impacts business and industry.

  1. Identify a support program at origin with one of our supplier partners and commit to developing a multi-year agreement to fund the program, possibly in conjunction with one of our customers in the foodservice, hospitality, or office arena.
  2. Cause Coffee: Partner with Neverthirst (http://www.neverthirstwater.org) to launch a cause coffee under the ROAR product line. A percentage of all ROAR sales will benefit Neverthirst and help provide clean drinking water to those in need.
  3. Quantify the impact of Fair Trade purchases at specific origins – Mexico, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Brazil.
  4. Provide an annual update on the sustainable initiatives at Royal Cup’s largest Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee farm partners.
  5. Hold an active seat on the board of World Coffee Research and offer continued financial contributions. World Coffee Research aims to protect and grow the supply of high quality coffees and improve farmers’ lives through pivotal work on genetics, disease treatment and prevention, variety trials, and other efforts.
  6. Create an “Idea Forum” for the employees to communicate ideas concerning: cost savings, customer improvements, employee engagement, benefit enhancement, etc.
  7. Utilize Yammer to create an interactive social presence to improve communications, engage employees and share positive customer information.
  8. Ingrain the “Building a Better Company for our Employees and our Customers” vision statement into company thoughts, actions and deeds.
  9. Establish an Ad Hoc group assigned to evaluate findings from the Great Place to Work Culture Assessment to provide participant feedback, action plans and improvements.

2016 Goals

Environmental Stewardship

Royal Cup realizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen. We strive to make choices that positively impact our workplace and community. We believe in operational excellence. Royal Cup is committed to working towards operating in the most efficient, sustainable manner.

  1. Implement a waste removal program for all Royal Cup facilities nationwide with the goal of diverting 95% of the waste away from a landfill by 2018.
  2. Strengthen electronic commerce 7 capabilities to reduce paper usage.
  3. Begin to measure emissions in our production facility to establish a baseline which will be used to target areas with improvement opportunities.
  4. Reduce electricity consumption in our manufacturing facility and corporate offces by using high effciency LED lighting to achieve kWh usage savings of approximately 750,000 kilowatt hours annually by 2017.
  5. Continue to work towards CDP Goals.
  6. Complete CDP’s Carbon Disclosure annually.
  7. Begin to measure scope 3 emissions.
  8. Investigate water conservation programs in 2016.
  9. Expand the usage of a fleet management software to increase the effciency of the route system.
  10. Increase output of Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and USDA Organic coffees.

2016 Goals

Archived Reports

Take a look at some of Royal Cup's past Sustainability Reports. Help us track our progress as we move towards making a larger and larger impact in every life that we touch.

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