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Uniquely crafting your program using a blend of what we do best...
products, equipment, distribution and service.

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Blended Solutions

A customized beverage solution that is right for your company.

Royal Cup always is sourcing the best green coffee and working with experts to create a blend that will create an experience that is to be savored.

Our Blended Solutions combines expertise in product, equipment, distribution and service to create a customized beverage solution for your company - one that your employees and patrons will love and appreciate. The Blended Solution we create for you is unique to your business, as it is developed in conjunction with your personal beverage consultant.

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Dedicated to serving the best coffee and tea coast to coast.

Royal Cup is known for its terrific variety of exceptional, high-quality coffees and teas. Our dedication to developing long-term relationships with farmers and importers, along with our top-notch roasting capabilities, enables us to provide consistently superior products to our customers.

In addition to our coffees and teas, we also offer a full range of beverage supplies. Royal Cup is the right call to meet all beverage supply needs, whether you’re searching for a distributor of wholesale fountain beverages and juices, dependable water-filtration systems or a reliable provider of sugar, creamer and other condiments.

Combined or separately, our products create experiences that our customers savor. Learn more about how Royal Cup achieves the highest industry standards.


Dedicated to providing the best beverage equipment available.

We partner with the world’s foremost beverage-equipment manufacturers to produce customized solutions for our customers who serve their clients and customers. Whether you want 8 ounces or 10 gallons, iced tea or iced coffee, a cold glass of juice or a shot of espresso, we can design a customized beverage-equipment solution to make sure that you and your customers never go thirsty.

While our equipment packages are the most reliable in the industry, occasional service needs do occur. Royal Cup is staffed to resolve your needs quickly. With more than 70 Royal Cup technicians and 400 service partners strategically located across the country, we are prepared to respond rapidly (within 24 hours) to keep you brewing.

Our Equipment solutions include

  • Fresh Brew Coffee & Tea
  • Single Serve
  • Espresso
  • Juice
  • On-Demand Coffee & Tea
  • Fountain
  • Frozen Beverage


Dedicated to getting our outstanding products to the right place, at the right time and in the right manner.

The constant pursuit of our company’s vision - serving the best coffee and tea coast to coast - has evolved with our customers over more than 100 years. Founded as and remaining a family-owned business, Royal Cup has expanded from its origins as a horse and buggy delivery service in the streets of downtown Birmingham to service some of the largest hotel, restaurant and foodservice chains across the United States and the Caribbean. With Royal Cup, you get the products you need, when you need them and in the manner in which you desire them.

Our Distribution solutions include


Dedicated to providing an unmatched level of program service and support.

Many companies like to talk about service, but rarely have a system in place to deliver on it. Our employees are focused on “one vision” - to provide the solution you are looking for by delivering quality service to complement our outstanding products.

Each of our customers is our most important customer. We consider each customer individually and customize the services you desire into a program that enables you to achieve your goals.

Here at Royal Cup, we prioritize service, and are able to provide it in developing your program - from the time of an initial transaction throughout the life of each relationship (which we want to maintain forever).

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Finding the perfect beverage solution for you and your business is paramount. Contact us today to get started or call 1-800-366-5836 to speak with a representative.

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Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of premium coffees and teas.

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Discover how we combine our expertise in product, equipment, distribution & service to create a customized beverage solution that is right for your company.

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