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Good Cup

Prideland coffee and tea products are consistent in quality and satisfying taste – made for the early risers and late-night grinders who rely on every sip to fuel their day, and trust that each cup will resemble the last.

Great Price

At the core of Prideland is immense value that is built on a foundation of good products that have been strategically selected to ensure an affordable price, and reinforced by dependable service our customers deserve.

No Compromises

We deliver coffee and tea products that help the honest, hardworking individuals, who are the heartbeat of our country, get their jobs done without compromising on Prideland’s values of quality, reliability and service.

Brand Story

With value at its core, Prideland is meant for those who desire consistent quality and dependable service – no frills, no surprises, just good coffee and tea at a great price. Prideland’s practical, straightforward product offering is designed for its loyal consumers – the honest, hardworking early risers and late-shift grinders relying on every sip to fuel their days and nights. With Prideland, value is defined by you. Whether its convenience and price or service and reliability, the foundation of Prideland is what you make it.


FRACTIONAL: Our traditional frac packs are available in several blends of light, medium and dark roasts, and are offered in sizes ranging from a minimum of 2 oz. to capture every bit of goodness from the coffee.

URN: Prideland’s ground coffees are offered in larger sizes to cater to higher volume needs, such as at a banquet.

WHOLE BEAN: Prideland coffee is available in 5 lb. bags to ensure the freshest product.

LIQUID CONCENTRATE: For large-scale customers needing a convenient and dependable coffee solution, Prideland is offered in liquid coffee concentrate.

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HOT: Our hot teas are available in various forms including black tea, decaf black tea and green tea.

ICED: Our iced black teas are available in a variety of throw weights to create fresh brew taste with the convenience of a filter pack.

CONCENTRATES: The Prideland tea concentrates were created to reduce waste, promote efficiency and convenience and provide a tasty option in both concentrate and bag in the box formats.

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Why Prideland?


  • Prideland offers good coffee and tea products at a great price
  • Prideland products were designed strategically to improve operational efficiencies while striving to reduce costs.
  • Prideland coffee and tea products inspire customer loyalty by delivering immense value.

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Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of premium coffees and teas.

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