5 Simple Tips to a Successful Restaurant Coffee Program

Reading time: 2 minutes

Coffee is a crucial part of most restaurants’ business. Here are 5 simple tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your coffee program!

  1. Capitalize on the aroma: people who do not even like coffee, love the smell of coffee. Do not miss out on this free “marketing” technique. Make sure your coffee is freshly brewed and there is a coffee station/pot/brewer nearby when people enter into your business; let your coffee sell itself. NOTE: Fresh coffee sells itself, while adversely stale coffee will repel people from wanting to consumer your coffee. Most coffee leaves its “fresh” stage after 30 minutes so be sure to keep a fresh pot always on.
  2. Have that “perfect” blend: while restaurant needs and styles will differ, a food service location should always have at least one “go to” offering that is their house blend or solid offering that people know and love. It is always great to have multiple roast offerings for different taste profiles but, understand that might not be the best fit for every restaurant. We work closely with our customers to make sure the blend they are offering pairs perfectly with the food served.
  3. Offer a wide variety of additives: coffee is a complex beverage for restaurants. Coffee can be mixed, cooled, whitened, sweetened and more. Make sure you have a wide variety of coffee additives to have your customer base covered. A wide selection of sugars, creamers and butter! (yes butter) are always good to have on hand for more particular customers.
  4. Premium brewing equipment and service: is there anything less appealing than an old, grimy coffee maker with years of wear and tear showing? It is understandable that new equipment is expensive and out of most business owners’ budget but a good coffee provider always makes sure equipment is clean, working and in tip top shape! Enter Royal Cup. We have a strong history of working with our customers and ensuring their equipment stays service, clean and in premium working order
  5. Utilizing water in the proper way: we wrote a blog last week about how to use water properly in the coffee brewing process. You can find those tips HERE and ensure you are making the perfect cup of coffee from brew to pour!

We pride ourselves on being the beverage provider for many of the nation’s largest and most reputable restaurants. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Click on the contact us HERE and let us know how we can help!