5 Unique Ways to Use Coffee

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We think the best way to enjoy Royal Cup coffee is by drinking it, but have you ever wondered about other ways you can use coffee in your daily life? If so, you are in luck! Our team has put together five unique ways coffee grounds can be repurposed to help you live your best life. We hope you find them useful!   

Composting your Garden

Because coffee is rich with nitrogen (one of the primary nutrients in fertilizer), adding coffee grounds to your garden or compost pile will help to grow strong and healthy plants. Here is one of many ways to include coffee grounds in your garden or compost pile:

Add grounds to your compost pile, layering one-part leaves to one-part fresh grass clippings to one-part coffee grounds, by volume. Turn once a week. This will be ready in three to six months. (Courtesy of ScienceDaily)

Clean your Pots

After cooking a meal, the last thing anyone wants to do is struggle to remove grease from used pots and pans. That’s where coffee comes to the rescue! While washing pans, gently rub coffee grounds on the affected areas. This helps remove food and grease particles so that your dishes are clean as ever.  

Freshen the Air

There is nothing worse than stale air in your fridge or car. Luckily, coffee is here to save the day!

For your fridge, put dry grounds into an old margarine tub with holes poked in the lid. Place the tub in the refrigerator to absorb odors. (Courtesy of Good Housekeeping)

For your car, dry out the grounds on a baking sheet. Then fill an old dress sock or nylon stocking with the grounds and tie it off the end. (Courtesy of Popular Mechanics)

Skin Exfoliant

Spring is here, which means shorter sleeves and hemlines. Get rid of dry winter skin with a simple coffee-based exfoliant. To make it, combine one-quarter cup fresh coffee grounds, one-quarter cup brown sugar and enough lemon juice for the desired consistency.

Scrub the mixture into the skin once every few days after washing the body. Let the scrub sit on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse it off.

(Courtesy of Medical News Today)

Hide Scratches on Furniture

Scratch on your table driving you crazy? Mix together used coffee grounds, 1/4 cup warm water, and 1/4 cup vinegar to create a helpful stain that naturally fixes scuffs. Shake the mixture up and let steep for at least an hour before using. Rub into scratches, applying as often as needed. Apply a quick coat for lighter woods, while the coffee stain can sit on dark-wood scratches for up to an hour before wiping away.

(Courtesy of PopSugar)

We’re always amazed by the ways coffee can be used in our day-to-day lives. Try some of these coffee-friendly hacks for yourself and be sure to share your results with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!