6 Birmingham Eateries that Serve Great Coffee & Cuisine

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Although Royal Cup coffee can be savored in fine restaurants all across this great nation, we’re nothing if not proud Birminghamians. This magical city we’re fortunate to call home is currently in the middle of a great food renaissance, which has attracted national attention – from the San Francisco Chronicle to the New York Times. This “foonaissance” (nailed it) was born when creativity, entrepreneurship and Southern traditions collided during a time when our city was truly ready to taste and embrace change.

While we certainly can’t take credit for the Frank Stitts and Chris Hastings of the world, you’d better believe we’re going to hang our hat on providing many of Birmingham’s best eateries with delicious coffees and teas.

Got a fancy date? We’ll be there with a 160-degree cup to help heat things up.

Enjoying breakfast with the kiddos? We’ll be there to keep you energized with the only cold brew you can safely (and legally) enjoy on the drive home.  

Headed out to a power lunch? We’ll be there too, because coffee is for closers.

The next time you find yourself with a healthy appetite and a suspicious lack of caffeine in your bloodstream, take our advice and try one of these wonderful local establishments in which great coffee and cuisine converge.

Holler & Dash Biscuit House

There is literally nothing better than pairing a hot cup of H.C. Valentine coffee with Holler & Dash’s decadent Strawberry & Dash breakfast. Fair warning, though – if you aren’t careful, you may be in store for a major sugar crash after downing this tasty dish. So play it safe, pick up one of our cold brew coffees on the way out and ride that caffeine high all day long!

Big Bad Breakfast

If you haven’t checked out this local phenomenon, then you, my friend, are seriously missing out. The brainchild of James Beard award-winning chef John Currence, Big Bad Breakfast is one of the baddest breakfast joints in the city. Known for their flaky, fresh biscuits, delicious Royal Cup coffee and custom-created meats, you pretty much can’t go wrong with any item on the menu.  


Another Birmingham favorite, O’Carrs, is known around the Magic City for its irresistible chicken salad and frothy milkshakes. Thankfully, they also offer the world’s only known cure for a Stage 5 milkshake coma, and it just so happens to be served in a Royal Cup coffee mug. 

Hattie B’s

Hot diggity dang, if you’re in the mood for spicy chicken in Birmingham, this is the spot! Treat yourself to a real Southern supper of fried chicken with all the fixins. If you’re afraid of the heat, simply order one of our delicious iced teas to cool down your taste buds. But heed this warning, dear reader – if you value having any sensation at all in your mouth, kindly avoid “Shut the Cluck Up!!!” at all costs. It’s the devil’s sauce.

Ashley Macs

Ashley Mac’s is one of Birmingham’s iconic home-style restaurants, with a real knack for baking some amazing sweets. We may be biased, but their famous strawberry cake always pairs nicely with a hot cup of coffee, no matter the time of day! Decaf exists for a reason, people.


Who in the world doesn’t like a grilled cheese? Monsters and the lactose intolerant, that’s who. Luckily, Melt opened its doors in Avondale to give Birmingham’s grilled-cheese groupies a place to call home. You’ll be hard pressed to ever find this eatery sans a crowd. They even have deep fried double-stuffed Oreos for dessert! Ever dipped a fried Oreo into your Royal Cup coffee? Well, now is your chance. And it works. Trust us.

Did we miss your favorite local spot for great Royal Cup coffee and cuisine? Give us a shout on twitter at @RoyalCup! But please, don’t actually shout – loud noises scare the coffee beans, and they’re sleeping right now.