6 Trends We Saw at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo

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We just got back from the Global Specialty Coffee Expo (SCA) in Seattle, and we were amazed by all of the cool trends and innovation happening in the coffee and tea industry. Here is what we were particularly impressed by.

Trends We Saw at the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Nitro Still Rules

Nitro cold brew and tea may not be anything "new", per say, but nitro delivery systems are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Companies are also adding flavors and milk to create nitro coffee or tea lattes. Cool, right?

Flavors Get an Upgrade

If you think flavored coffee is a relic of the past, think again. We're not talking about traditional caramel and vanilla flavors -- vendors were sampling flavors like dark chocolate and chili. Talk about new and different! 

Coffee Beer

Coffee + beer = perfection. This year, the SCA had an entire section dedicated to artisan, coffee-infused beers that all used over 11 percent of coffee in their brews. Now that's a drink we can get behind.

Health-Conscious Options

Turmeric and chai lattes were welcome additions at the SCA this year, both of which pack a health punch (spices like ginger and turmeric are known to help with inflammation and digestion). 

The Coffee Pot, Redesigned

Today's coffee brewers are more upscale than the mass-produced versions of years past, and their sleek and colorful designs look like a piece of art in your home. Coffee makers with built-in grinders ensure the freshest pot at home, every time.

Coffee Producers Matter

Coffee growers and producers had a larger presence at the SCA Expo this year. Consumers are more educated than ever and want to know things like what region their coffee is grown, if it's ethically grown and sourced, and if it's certified -- and producers from all over the world are taking note.