6 Ways to Reuse Your Old Paper Coffee Cups

Reading time: 2 minutes

Let’s face it; we all have plenty of used coffee cups. Here are 6 ideas on how to reuse them!

Earth Day is right around the corner so why wait until then to start conserving, reusing and recycling? Here’s some short tips on how to reuse your old paper coffee cups. These tips were inspired by the good people over at Networx.com and we couldn’t help but sharing them with you!

Coffee cup planters: Poke holes in the bottom of the cup. Fill the cup with potting soil. Plant a sprouted seed or a cutting that has grown roots in your coffee cup. Place it in on a plate or something to catch the water and dirt that drains through the holes. The cool thing about this is that when you are ready to transplant the plant into the ground, you can transplant the whole thing, cup and all. 

Pencil cups: You can make a really cute desk organizer by grouping paper cups together on a Lazy Susan. Cups of different sizes make this really pop, as does decorating the cups with Washi tape. You could also decoupage the cups with desk-y images like maps.

Coffee cup cupcakes: You can bake cupcakes in an eight ounce coffee cup. Is it a little gross to bake a cupcake in a used cup? OK, maybe. But I'd like to think that you'd wash the cup well and dry it before baking in it. Also, you're baking these cupcakes at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which should bring the cups and ingredients therein up to the temperature necessary to kill off your disgusting cooties. When in doubt, serve yourself the used cup cupcake.

Shred it and mix it into your compost: Compost needs a certain amount of dry material. A lot of folks add shredded newspaper, shredded leaves, or sawdust to their compost as dry material. Shred your paper coffee cups and add them to the compost as dry matter.

Make a paper cup garland: Holidays call for decorations like paper cup garlands. Clean and dry your coffee cups. Cut them off in the middle. Paint them. Now make two holes in each cup bottom so that they can be strung on twine or heavy thread. Easy and a fun craft to do with kids.

Paper cup lights: This is a variation on the paper cup garland. Decorate and cut paper cups. Poke one hole in each cup bottom. Grab a string of Christmas lights, and stick each light into the hole in the bottom of the cup. The cups will be like lampshades for each light on the string.

Give some of these a try and be sure to share with us on Facebook or Twitter! We’d love to see what you come up with!