Alabama Family Contributes to Partnership with Neverthirst

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This is something a bit different from what we usually blog about, but we were so inspired by someone in our community that we had to give them a special shout out.

Missy, a mother from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, makes various crafts out of burlap. In the past, she's made burlap holiday ornaments for Royal Cup made from our coffee bag scraps.

Through our social media channels, she learned about our partnership with Neverthirst (read more about that here), an international nonprofit that brings clean water to underserved countries, and was inspired to start her own campaign for the organization. Missy's 9-year-old daughter and her friends gathered together and made burlap coffee cozies to give as a "thank you" to those who contributed to their online campaign. In less than three weeks, they raised over $300 for Neverthirst.

We love that a family saw our campaign and wanted to make a difference for such a worthy cause. If you'd like to contribute to Neverthirst, you can buy a bag of our whole bean Roar coffee here. For every bag sold, a percentage of proceeds goes directly to bringing clean water to those most in need around the globe.

Check out the photos below of Missy and her family.