Big News: Royal Cup has Rebranded its Product Portfolio!

Reading time: 2 minutes

The Royal Cup team is excited to announce we have rebranded our product portfolio, which consolidates several of our existing brands into a new family of four core brand identities: Prideland, Royal Cup Signature, ROAR and H.C. Valentine. We’re grateful for and privileged to have the opportunity to serve each of you, so we wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of the most important questions you may be asking.

Why is Royal Cup rebranding?

Royal Cup is always looking for ways to improve to ensure we provide the highest-quality products and service! Thanks to our culture of ongoing innovation, our leadership team determined there were several areas in which we could evolve to better meet our customers’ dynamic tastes and preferences, as well as further differentiate our brand within the industry. The rebranding of Royal Cup’s product portfolio was a purposeful, 18-month strategic endeavor to enhance the value of our goods and services, bolster our growth both nationally and internationally and position Royal Cup as an industry leader now and into the future.

For us, rebranding meant much more than simply refreshing our aesthetics. From procurement to manufacturing to distribution, we’ve optimized and streamlined our internal processes and operations to deliver the highest-quality product lines and equipment to the right customers at the right time. Our team’s hard work and dedication to this effort truly exemplifies our unwavering commitment to putting the needs of Royal Cup customers at the forefront of everything we do.

How did Royal Cup come up with these four new core brand identities?                                                     

Rebranding our product portfolio was an extremely complex initiative that included conducting extensive consumer research and industry segmentation in more than 25 markets across the country. We collaborated across our organization and strategized how we could create a new family of brands that will be relevant for coffee and tea consumers today and into the future. Before making any final decisions, we executed multiple rounds of customer interviews, analyzed product testing results and thoroughly vetted our channels.

Through this process, our team has come away with a greater appreciation of who we are as an organization as well as how to best serve our valued customers, which is and always will be our primary goal!

What does this rebrand mean for Royal Cup’s customers?

Our customers will be the first to see these four new brand identities brought to life, all of which pay homage to the Royal Cup traditions you’ve known and trusted for decades. As our new brands are rolled out, we will work closely with customers to leverage the strengths of these new product lines through informational campaigns, video trainings and other educational tools. We are absolutely thrilled for you to experience our new brands firsthand!

Outside of our new core product offerings, we will continue to support our partners in the development of customized blends and private-labeled products.

When will I be able to see the new brands?

Over the next several months, Royal Cup will introduce each of its four new brands to the market and begin product distribution throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. So, whenever you see our new brands, be sure to share your thoughts and photos on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages!

For more than a century, we have prided ourselves on providing customers with the highest-quality coffees and teas. Every day, our team members work tirelessly to ensure every drop we produce delivers the ultimate beverage experience. Our newly branded product portfolio not only pays tribute to 120 years of proven passion for what we do, but also lays a strong foundation for the next 120 years to come.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!