Candy Cane Mocha Recipe

Reading time: 1 minute

The holidays are here, and it's cold outside.  There's no better time to enjoy a delicious cup of Royal Cup Coffee.  If you find yourself in a festive mood, here's a quick and easy recipe for making a Candy Cane Mocha:



1 oz chocolate sauce

6 oz milk

1 shot of Royal Cup espresso

1 candy cane



Pour 1 oz of chocolate sauce in the bottom of the glass.  In another cup, fill with 6 oz of milk and froth like you are making a cappuccino.  Once you have done that, spoon the froth on top of the chocolate sauce.  Pour the remaining steamed milk over the back of the spoon until the froth rises to the top of the glass.  Grab your favorite Royal Cup espresso blend and brew a single shot.  Pour the espresso slowly through the center of the froth until froth mound rises above the glass.  Add your candy cane, stir and enjoy.