Case Study: Expanding Menu Offerings with Flavored Teas

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Summer is coming! Here is a great example of how we expanded a customer's beverage offering with flavored teas!

Client Problem:

Initially the client was looking to upgrade the tea service to differentiate itself from other restaurants in the area.

Situation Analysis:

We sampled a variety of loose leaf teas and displayed various infuser pots to show the restaurant how to build a table side tea program. We also displayed signature drinks that can be incorporated in their beverage menu. After the tea presentation, the owner was open to trying our coffee with no intent to switch providers. Whole bean coffee was served via a Chemex brewer.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: The restaurant was impressed with the quality and taste of both the teas and coffee. Thus, the owner decided to exclusively serve all our products – A selection of Loose Leaf Tea, Blueberry Hibiscus Iced Tea, our own HC Valentine Organic Mexican Roast, and HC Valentine Organic Espresso Pods. Although the restaurant was satisfied with their coffee program, in which they were using a reputable local roaster, they decided to make the switch to us based on the extremely smooth taste and finish of the product.
  • Equipment: We provided a ITCB HV Combo Brewer. This allowed them to brew coffee, iced coffee, and iced tea all in one footprint, freeing up space for other items. We also wrapped their coffee servers with their brand and logo to help promote and build their image. This same branding efforts was later introduced to bottled iced coffee products.
  • Distribution: We set this customer on our nationwide route system to ensure they had continued, industry leading service consistently.
  • Service: We support this account with our around the clock service network and ensure everything is firing on all cylinders at their account.

Solution Rationale:

Build a comprehensive, unique, and quality-driven beverage program.

Final Results:

Customers began positively commenting on the taste of the products, using less creamer and sugar, and returning frequently.

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