Case Study: Expanding a Restaurant's Beverage Menu with High Quality Coffee and Tea

Reading time: 1 minute

An existing client of ours wanted to upgrade and expand their beverage offerings. Read on for how we took their vision and turned it into a reality!

Client Problem:

Client wanted to invigorate current program with a higher quality coffee, more tea options, and newer/updated signage/wraps/POS.

Situation Analysis:

We pointed to numerous examples in other customers that upgraded to an Organic, high-quality coffee like HC Valentine, selected a flavored tea to provide additional flavor options, and offered an equipment package that was more up to date in style and design.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: After working with the client at our roasting facility they added H.C. Valentine Organic Aztec Roast as their House Blend and Ibis Moon Peach Tea to expand their menu offerings. Additionally we offered to design a program specific to the chain including a trip to tour our roasting facility to try some different coffees and possibly develop their own label.
  • Equipment: We revamped the entire program including replacing all Bunn ICB Twin Talls with Curtis Thermopro Gold Series,. Curtis 1.5 gallon servers were made stickers to affix to the stainless steel and grinders. We also did a revamp of dining areas and got rid of glass bowls and switched to thermal Zoj 1.9 liter carafes.
  • Distribution: We maintain this new program with our industry leading route delivery system. A Territory Manager stops in consistently to check equipment, product and take customer orders.
  • Service: We have always showed exemplary service and attended to needs the second they had them. One reason they have been customers for decades.

Final Results:

Business has increased more than 15% and we have added a couple locations that were not part of the program before. We expanded into H.C. Valentine Espresso Pods in locations that have espresso to better their menu offerings. It has been a win-win for all involved.

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