Case Study: How Bean to Cup can Reshape an Office Environment

Reading time: 1 minute

A client's new facilities manager wanted to offer the staff more coffee drink options and better service than the current service provider. 

Client Problem:

A client's new facilities manager wanted wanted a better overall experience for the staff.

Situation Analysis:

When we met with the new facility manager and his assistant their first complaint was the service level was not up to par with the amount of staff they had. The system they had in place was ok, but ok does not get employees excited about their workplace.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: The client decided to go with all Royal Cup branded products. They chose our European Blend, Bakers Dozen, Italian Roast, and Italian Decaf. The 4 blends gave them the range of medium-dark roasts that they were looking for.
  • Equipment: The client decided on our newest bean-to-cup system de Jong Duke Virtu. With the large tablet touchscreen and multiple options this was just what they were looking for. From espressos to cappuccino, mochaccino to traditional coffees, this machine does it all! As a bonus to enhance the experience, we uploaded digital images from their corporate website which added a personal touch.
  • Distribution: To better assist with the service aspect, we set this client to weekly delivery. Royal Cup now distributes to all 4 break areas. This way they can be assured that every station has ample supply throughout the week.
  • Service: We trained the support staff on site on the machines for filling product and troubleshooting. This eliminated many of the service issues they had from the previous supplier.

Solution Rationale:

The multiple drinks, personalized equipment, and weekly service have been a hit. They now have the right equipment for their needs, partnered with best in class service

Final Results:

The client has received rave reviews for “upping” the coffee program and appreciate the wide selection of drinks. The personalized digital images have gone over so well that we offer this to many of our clients.

Interested in giving your office a jolt of life? Contact us HERE and we'd love to talk about how a new Bean to Cup machine can help your office be the best it can be.