Case Study: How a National Hotel Chain Increased Occupancy Levels with Their Coffee Program

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Find out how we met a national hotel chain's needs and helped them drive occupancy levels, guest satisfaction and overall growth

Client Problem:

As a leading national hotel chain, this client had a problem offering consistently great coffee across its portfolio of properties. The chain excelled in many areas, but the coffee program was without a champion. Local properties sourced coffee from whomever they chose. There only were loose standards in terms of the quality of the beans, coffee-to-water ratios, equipment calibrations, hold times, etc. As a result, guests were experiencing inconsistency from location to location.

Situation Analysis:

The client was experiencing inconsistent product, poorly-performing equipment, improper handling of the coffee and a lack of training – resulting in dissatisfied guests.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: Royal Cup developed a carefully-selected 100% Arabica blend of coffee for this hotel chain to serve as the primary coffee for breakfast service and banquets.
  • Equipment: Royal Cup provided new coffee brewing equipment to all of the hotels, with no up-front cost to the operators. The cost of the equipment was built into the price of the coffee. By upgrading the equipment, the hotel was able to standardize the calibration of the equipment, offering a substantially higher-quality, more-consistent beverage to the guest.
  • Distribution: Royal Cup provided personal service through its reliable route delivery system. Deliveries were made weekly by territory managers who were able to develop relationships with the key contacts at each property. Because they were in the properties so frequently, Royal Cup’s team members were able to keep an eye on the equipment, ensure that inventory was being turned properly and perform minor troubleshooting, as needed.
  • Service: Royal Cup has the deepest network of service professionals in the industry. When something went bump in the night, Royal Cup responded quickly to resolve issues and limit any impact on the coffee service to guests.

Solution Rationale:

We take pride in our coffee. By forming a partnership with Royal Cup, this hotel chain welcomed 800 passionate Royal Cup employees to its team. By selecting a partner with so much depth, the client was able to rely on Royal Cup to ensure the quality of its beverage program. Royal Cup became an extension of the hotel chain – a true coffee champion.

Final Results:

The client leapfrogged its competitors in the industry. Using great coffee as a cornerstone to its industry-leading breakfast program, this chain helped redefine the level of consistency and excellence that its guests expect. As a result, guest satisfaction rose tremendously, occupancy levels consistently were higher and the hotel chain expanded rapidly.

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