Case Study: How We Gave a Convenience Store Chain a Brand Facelift

Reading time: 2 minutes

Sometimes a brand needs a new energy to help bring it to life to their consumer. See how we helped accomplish just that-

Client Problem:

This customer wanted to refresh and re-energize their current brand in an effort to stay relevant with todays ever-changing consumer, to help them continue to build their brand, and to further differentiate themselves in their markets.

Situation Analysis:

In an effort to provide them with a benchmark of where they stood relative to the industry, we surveyed coffee shops, convenience store chains, and QSR restaurants. These insights helped them better understand how their brand compared with others. It also allowed us to gain a better understanding of how they perceived themselves, and what they wanted to achieve out of the Brand Refresh.

Proposed Solution:

Branding: Our Graphic Designer created a visually compelling re-energized and refreshed Brand identity that focused on “Quality” as their foundation. This look was incorporated into their overall store presentation including their cups, equipment and merchandising. The combination of the “Quality” promise supported by a strong visual brand identity helped to create simple, smart, and effective branding.

  • Product: We expanded their product offerings to include a broader selection, which was on par with market trends. We made sure they had the right products to match their customer’s tastes.
  • Equipment: We provided equipment recommendations that could produce great Quality coffee, were scalable, would accommodate future growth of their program, and would help elevate Quality perceptions of the program.
  • Distribution: We supported their program and recommendations through our professional and hands-on Route delivery system. This allowed us to be in their locations working with their people to make the re-energized and refreshed program a success.
  • Service: Service is more than just equipment. For this customer, service was helping them roll out the new branding to their locations. It was our Merchandisers delivering and helping install the various components in their stores. It was communication and coordination so that we didn’t disrupt their business in the process.

Solution Rationale:

This customer wanted to refresh and re-energize their current brand in an effort to stay relevant with todays ever-changing consumer. They wanted help in building their brand to further differentiate themselves in their markets.

Through our understanding of consumer and market trends and through our deep industry experience, we were able to make actionable recommendations on Branding, Products, and Equipment solutions that would further help them build and differentiate their brand in their markets. We then supported these recommendations through our professional hands-on Delivery and Service.

Final Results:

Another satisfied customer! This customer has received positive feedback chain-wide. The brand refresh has reinvigorated and re-energized the Coffee Category and the store in general. From the new vibrant coffee themed designs that focus on Quality as their foundation, to the new custom design coffee cup, this customer couldn’t be happier. A Brand isn’t a logo, a look, or a name. A Brand is an emotion, and judging from the feedback, I’d say this Brand is HAPPY!