Case Study: How We Grew a Quick Service Restaurant's Beverage Program

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Disenchanted franchisees can spell disaster for any quick service restaurant chain. Read how we helped keep key stake holders happy while improving their beverage program

Client Problem:

As a booming quick-service restaurant chain, this client suffered from poor perceptions about its beverage program. The franchisee community especially was dissatisfied. The coffee blend was expensive and it was widely thought that the blend’s components were not a great fit. The chain also had inconsistent, poorly performing equipment. The old equipment and beverage presentation was not representative of a quality product. Client franchisees recognized the need for a more appropriate coffee blend, and quality equipment from unit to unit.

Situation Analysis:

The client lacked consistency across its footprint – some units brewed small 64-ounce batches while others brewed large 1.5 gallon batches. The coffee blend was too expensive and it was not made of appropriate components for the Quick Service industry.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: Royal Cup worked with the client’s team to create a proprietary coffee blend and tea blend that paired well with its established menu offerings and matched its stated taste profiles.
  • Equipment: After a comprehensive review of Royal Cup’s equipment options, the chain was able to select its ideal equipment vendor. Royal Cup sourced and installed all equipment, completing a rollout of more than 1,000 locations in just a few short months.
  • Distribution: The client preferred to operate as a commissary customer, picking up our products from our warehouses and managing delivery to its location.
  • Service: Royal Cup performed customized and ongoing Quality Assurance inspections, and continues to provide the client with detailed reports on each unit that corporate can use to ensure compliance and measure quality in the field.

Solution Rationale:

To ensure consistency across the enterprise, the client worked with Royal Cup to develop a proprietary coffee and tea blend and to install new equipment in all locations. Royal Cup proactively managed the entire project, including the acquisition and installation of equipment.

Final Results:

The client stated the Royal Cup’s rollout was the best they had experienced. Royal Cup installed the entire solution in a few short months, meeting all critical goals along the way. The chain had a deadline for media buys, and Royal Cup was successful in completing the rollout on time.

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