Case Study: How We Helped a Client Capitalize on the Rising Iced Coffee Trend

Reading time: 2 minutes

How do you stay competitive in the ever changing, ever evolving beverage market? You grow to meet customer demands

Client Problem:

This customer had a successful Hot Coffee program, but they knew that consumers want more today. They wanted to capitalize on consumer and market trends toward iced and frozen coffee drinks to compliment their expanding focus on Food and Beverage.

Situation Analysis:

In an effort to get to market quickly, the customer tested alternative solutions, without realizing that Royal Cup had recently come to market with our own. Once we reviewed and tasted the new Caffe Siena sweetened coffee extract, they made the switch. The customer was very excited about the great taste, ease of execution, and the flexibility to use, both iced and frozen.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: Our Caffe Siena sweetened extract proved to be the right product for this customer. It’s gives consumers a great tasting product, is easy to execute for store personnel, and it holds up great in both iced and frozen drinks.
  • Equipment: Through our extensive equipment knowledge, we advised them on what we believed to be the best equipment solution for their application. They chose the Blendtec Stealth model blender, which is highly programmable, easy to use, very dependable, and very quiet during operation. After all, who wants to have to yell over the sound of a blender?
  • Distribution: In the true essence of Royal Cup, we deliver Caffe Siena, along with many other Royal Cup products, to this customer via our professional and hands-on Route delivery system. Simply put, we believe that having our people in your stores is the best way to ensure quality and consistency day in and day out.
  • Service: Service means more than just the equipment. It means a dedicated Account Manager and a team of supporting staff to aid in everything from the opening of new locations to on-going business reviews to store level training. As an example, our Product Innovation Manager trained the staff on product preparation, discussed sampling techniques and worked with their team to ensure flawless execution and consistent delivery from one store to the next, day in and day out.

Solution Rationale:

This customer wanted to take advantage of consumer and market trends around the exciting growth in specialty iced and frozen coffee drinks. By providing a quality product supported by the best equipment solution and centered around world class training and support, we were able to give this customer exactly what they needed…Great quality iced and frozen coffee drinks that their customers craved, which helped further build their brand in the markets they compete. The result was increased sales and profits.

Final Results:

Sales and Customer feedback have surpassed their expectations! The iced and frozen program has been extremely well received by customers and associates alike. This customer recently purchased 6 new locations and one of the first things they wanted to do was roll out the Caffe Siena iced and frozen program.