Case Study: How We Helped a Growing Restaurant Chain Blossom

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Are you getting everything you can out of your restaurant beverage program? At Royal Cup we have the perfect blend of solutions to help you expand and succeed in your business!

Client Problem:

As a successful and growing restaurant chain, this client has the highest standards for every ingredient in its food and beverage offerings – everything is handcrafted and homemade. As our client continued to evolve, it needed a vendor that could be flexible and respond to its changing needs. The client was looking for a customized beverage solution to provide excellent products and unmatched service.

Situation Analysis:

The client had an unmet need of customization and attention. They were constantly changing and improving, and needed a vendor that was flexible and willing to accommodate and improve its evolving needs.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: Royal Cup worked with the restaurant’s beverage team, corporate chef and CEO to develop custom coffee and tea blends in line with the restaurant’s flavor profile to improve quality, taste and product.
  • Equipment: Royal Cup created customized equipment solutions, including a specialized lean tea urn design and setup, to incorporate the additional flavor offerings.
  • Distribution: Royal Cup provided full-service route distribution and added value through its Clean, Check and Taste service performed by route managers. We also were able to incorporate the restaurant’s preexisting ordering system into our order fulfillment via route delivery.
  • Service: Royal Cup continues to perform Quality Assurance checks twice a year, through the deepest service network in the industry. Our service team acts as the eyes and ears in the field and helps ensure compliance with our high standards of quality.

Solution Rationale:

The client decided to work with Royal Cup’s experts to customize a solution that both met and exceeded its desire to improve its coffee and tea offerings, and to receive the service and attention that was necessary to provide the highest-quality coffee and tea.

Final Results:

The client’s management team appreciated the efficiency and service that Royal Cup offered, resulting in its ability to offer consistent, quality products to customers each day. Since Royal Cup territory managers deliver products weekly and perform Clean, Check and Taste, the restaurant managers are able to focus on servicing their guests.

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