Case Study: How We Helped an Office Client Become More Sustainable & Lower Costs

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One of our large office clients wanted to reinvent their office coffee program. They wanted to be more sustainable without losing coffee quality. Luckily we had just the solution...

Client Problem:

The high cost, lack of sustainability, and flavor profiles of the client's current single cup system was causing them concern. There had to be a less expensive, better tasting and more environmentally friendly option.

Situation Analysis:

Due to a great relationship with our client we were able to discuss their issues and find out what was important to them. They were willing to try something new if it would work for them. We suggested our award winning Roar Coffee system.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: The client selected the Royal Cup Roar coffee pods which offered the single cup solution to them that was both sustainable and higher in taste quality. With a variety of quality blends and award winning flavors they were able to satisfy their employee’s desire for a better cup of coffee, while reducing non-recyclable waste.
  • Equipment: After learning about several options, our client selected the Newco Fresh Cup. The Fresh Cup is a sleek, digital pod brewer with multiple options for brew strength which is plumbed in and has relatively low maintenance.
  • Distribution: The client is serviced by our Territory Manager every two week. Our Territory Manager ensures the business stays stocked with the freshest coffees and supplies.
  • Service: The machines are cleaned each visit and their pods are rotated and replaced as needed. As always, Royal Cup is around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any service issues - 800-366-5836

Solution Rationale:

The Roar Coffee pods were the perfect solution for the customer. Produced by Royal Cup, they provided a superior product while significantly lowering cost. The coffee pods are compostable, which fit perfectly with the client’s sustainability efforts. On top of that their employees loved the new, quality coffee selections they were given.

Final Results:

Our client’s employees are more satisfied with the quality and choices they now have through the Roar brewer. They have significantly reduced their waste and carbon footprint. Finally, their cost per cup has decreased significantly while improving workplace morale.

If you are interested in getting Roar into your office Contact Us or visit our Roar Coffee page for more information!