Case Study: How We Simplified Business for a Large Manufactoring Company

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The client was a large manufacturer with a lot of inefficiencies when it came to its office coffee program. Through a complicated work-around process, employees and department managers were purchasing coffee-related products in unauthorized ways.

Client Problem:

As a result, the client’s purchasing power was diminished, internal administration costs were high and precious human resources were being used to provide coffee across the client’s campus. In addition to these challenges, the client was focused on sustainability as a corporate initiative, and needed to integrate the initiative into its break room program.

Situation Analysis:

Upon arrival, the client’s problem became painfully evident – departments were acting independently, going out to retail warehouses and purchasing coffee supplies that they wanted. In addition to the organizational inefficiency and administrative nightmare, departments were not purchasing environmentally-sustainable coffee products.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: To meet the needs of the client and provide employees with the variety they wanted, Royal Cup proposed a single-cup system with a built-in up-cycling program. Used capsules could be shipped off to a third-party vendor that processes and utilizes the materials to make common consumer items. Not a single product went into a landfill, which supported the company’s sustainability initiatives. Moreover, employees could not take any product home because the brewing system was not available to the home consumer. This product was a perfect fit for this customer.
  • Equipment: To deliver the product, Royal Cup implemented incredibly efficient and low energy consumption equipment.
  • Distribution: To manage the program, Royal Cup enacted its direct delivery solution. This minimized middleman involvement and maximized the service component through break-room-to-break-room delivery.
  • Service: To complement Royal Cup’s direct delivery, the client also received the full-service break room management program. This ensured that all equipment would be monitored, evaluated and maintained at each delivery, as well as that proper inventory levels were preserved throughout the campus.

Solution Rationale:

The client was environmentally conscious and employee-focused, making the single-serve system the best fit. Employee preferences were taken into account and provided for through the system’s flexibility and variety. The client’s environmental initiatives were upheld with the implementation of the up-cycling program. A consolidated program allowed the client to leverage its scale and buying power to deliver a package that was appropriate for its size. Employees no longer could take the product home, cutting down on lost product expenses. Administrative costs were minimized by simplifying the supply chain and reducing department-specific, independent supply purchases.

Final Results:

Reviews across client departments have been strong and encouraging. The goals of sustainability, efficiency and administrative-resource relief all were attained. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client meet its objectives.

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