Case Study: Improve Hotel Coffee, Improve Guest Satisfaction

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When hotel guests complain about your coffee, you know it's time for a change. Here's how we helped one busy hotel improve their guest satisfaction ratings.

Client Problem:

As a busy hotel in the Southeast, the lobby coffee bar was a popular gathering spot for customers. However, they were constantly complaining about the taste and quality of the coffee. Sometimes it was brewed too strong, sometimes it was too weak, and other times the taste was just "off". The hotel recognized the need for change, and asked Royal Cup to implement a new coffee program that would satisfy their overnight guests.

Situation Analysis:

Royal Cup evaluated the client’s current beverage offerings, and decided to revamp the program by implementing new coffee blends and a consistent way to brew it.

Proposed Solution:

Royal Cup proposed expanding the client’s current program with two house coffees: a medium blend and a dark roast, along with a large variety of condiments for guests to customize their coffee. Royal Cup also realized there was a need to educate the hotel on their brewing system and best practices for serving coffee.


We provided our Villa Rey Rainforest for their medium roast, and our Caffe Sumba for their dark roast.


We equipped the client with a brewing system, as well as thermal servers for storing and serving the coffee. This particular system keeps it hot and fresh for hours, and will alert you when it’s time to brew a fresh batch.


Royal Cup placed the hotel on a route system, and currently services them weekly. Each week, our territory managers check to make sure their equipment is functioning correctly, taste the coffee, and restock them with any product they're running low on.


We were able to educate the customer about their new coffee program and brewing system. The customer's newfound knowledge and revamped coffee program helped their occupancy level grow and improved their overall guest satisfaction.

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