Case Study: Increasing Coffee Quality While Easing Budget Concerns

Reading time: 2 minutes

Having 20+ vendors and POs across multiple locations can be a giant headache. Luckily a new customer reached out to us for help

Client Problem:

The new purchasing manager of a multi-unit medical provider had 7+ vendors for their various supplies that were needed for 20+ field locations. Another issue was the client was not getting a consistent taste profile from their bulk coffee as employees would use different measurements each time from the bulk coffee containers. Lastly, tracking product usage among many vendors (including retail outlets) made budget management nearly impossible.

Situation Analysis:

When we met with the new purchasing manager he had only been with the company a month or so after moving from another state. With no local connections, he was open to options to consolidate his vendors and the eliminating of the many PO’s that were being issued for all the different orders. He was also very interested because his business was a member of the Premier program Royal Cup is closely partnered with.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: The client selected our fractional pack Baker’s Dozen Donut Shop Coffee and European Blend to replace the bulk coffees previously used. Due to employees making the bulk coffee as they pleased (resulting in un-consistent taste) the client was thrilled with our perfectly prepared pre-packaged coffee bags. Quality and taste insured in every fresh made pot!
  • Equipment: In this situation the client already owned their coffee equipment. However, we presented a price program for future equipment needs as they arise and an optional repair program by our professional service team for any existing equipment repairs.
  • Distribution: Since the client already had an internal distribution network to their field offices and to allow for maximum inventory management, the client agreed to have all deliveries to a central location. For easier ordering we developed a detailed excel order sheet that the client now references for placing orders via PO# on a bi-weekly basis. Our Territory manager then types in the PO# on the invoice which makes it easier for internal payment processing for the client.
  • Service: To help with budgeting purposes, we made our detailed business review program available at their discretion. Most clients request these in 6 month or 12 month intervals. Royal Cup’s SAP data system insures that every client can have detailed access to these business reviews anytime needed.

Solution Rationale:

Our stellar products and excellent service added with our partnership with Premier insured the client was getting the best service and value possible. Royal Cup recommended branded products and a detailed selection guide to help alleviate the multiple vendors involved. The business review was the proverbial “cherry on top” for the client.

Final Results:

This client now has one point of contact for all their refreshment and break room needs, consistently great tasting coffee, simplified ordering, budget management, and optional equipment repairs - all with one vendor.