Case Study: Reducing Vendors and Increasing Quality

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Having multiple vendors for all your beverages can be a headache and provide beverage inconsistencies. Luckily our Royal Connection had just the solution.

Client Problem:

The client wanted to consolidate their current coffee and beverage program to one vendor in order to maximize their buying power and create some consistencies in product offering and pricing. Each separate office had their own coffee provider which can result in a sea of headaches for any account.

Situation Analysis:

During discussions with their project team, it became very clear that our Royal Connection was exactly what they were looking for. Their current coffee was very mediocre. Every office was offering something different and on a different pricing schedule. Royal Cup's Royal Connection was able to provide consistent, quality coffee to all offices across the map.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: At the conclusion of multiple coffee tastings and product demonstrations, each site manager selected the program that worked best for them. We realize every market has its own culture and “gotta haves.” Royal Cup worked diligently to find that taste, touch and feel that fit perfectly in their individual office. They decided on a combo program with some fantastic fresh brew traditional coffees and our Roar pod brew-by-pack system.
  • Equipment: Following a detailed site visit in each office, Royal Cup ordered the necessary equipment that fit the selected program. All equipment was tested prior to install to ensure it worked just right. For added protection, the Aqua Block/Leak Detection device was installed on all beverage equipment water lines. This gives a customer piece of mind and no threat of a catastrophic leak.
  • Distribution: We evaluate each office separately and create a specific delivery program that makes sense. In this case, all of the offices were placed on our inventory management program that is handled by our Territory Managers and route personnel on a set schedule of every week/every other week.
  • Service: Due to the size and scope of the large HQ office, we added an additional CCR (Customer Care Rep) to the equation. This allowed us to provide that “white glove” treatment they needed for restocking and cleaning at such a large scale. The field offices were given the choice of inventory management or ordering online/order form. Once again, scalable.

Solution Rationale:

As a result of the taste profile of our coffee and Roar system, it was a no brainer for them to consider RC. After showing them the benefits of the auditing and product tracking as well as the overall savings it was a slam dunk! Finally, it was just fine tuning the details that made it work for them.

Final Results:

The staff and their daily clients love the new coffee and pod system. The quality enhancement was seen in both offerings. In addition, they now have a consistent pricing platform with a consolidated invoice each month. This allows them to monitor and audit the offerings in each office to assure a common price for each product. One price, one contact, one invoice, one killer cup of coffee and one great service. 

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