Case Study: Roar Coffee Pods

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Consistent quality can be an issue in a multi floor office building. Luckily we had the perfect solution.


Client Problem:

Our client was a large Insurance regional office that was looking for a better coffee that their current solution . They were looking at a cleaner more sustainable solution while keeping quality products and ease of use at the forefront.

Situation Analysis:

Stale coffee beans will never make an employee happy. Since there was a large number of various projects in the office on various floors and at certain times of the day and year it was difficult to keep fresh product available. This also lead to machines breaking down more frequent and causing employee frustration

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: We picked a convenient day to show case our ROAR Pod System to the office. ROAR was a massive success! The fact that we also offered Fair Trade and sustainable Coffee options fit right in with the companies goal of giving back . The ROAR CX TOUCH was a huge hit because it offered fresh coffee drinks around the clock. The ROAR system also bought the coffee shop experience that the employees had become vary familiar with at the office.
  • Equipment: Newco CX Touch wowed the employees because of the interactive touch screen that was easy and engaging. We were also able to introduce the customer to our Leak Prevention program. This ensured that the client's new equipment would be leak proof and keep their office break room headache free!
  • Distribution: We utilized our nationwide network of Territory Managers to ensure this client kept fresh product and functional equipment at all times.
  • Service: In addition to our sensational territory delivery program, we also offered our CSR program where a representative would come by every other week to clean, take inventory and refill as necessary.

Solution Rationale:

At Royal Cup, It is critical to spend some quality time in the account learning about the unique culture in the office. Every office is different and Royal Cup has the solutions to provide the right fit to meet various budgets and taste.

Final Results:

The company found the great quality products continued to increase morale and spark conversation around the new office. The coffee also created social hubs and opened up office communication between departments.

Find out more about our Roar Coffee Pod systems HERE and bring them to your office!