Cooking with Coffee: Grill Edition

Reading time: 2 minutes

Spice up your July 4th cookout with 8 delicious, coffee grilling recipes!

Coffee is easily one of the most versatile items in the world. While there are literally hundreds of ways to brew coffee in beverage form, there are still hundreds more on how to cook with coffee. As July 4th is quickly approaching, we wanted to share our favorite recipes that you can bust out at your grill out and wow your family and friends. We break down our favorite recipes into the 4 major meat categories so no matter what is on your grill; you're ready.


  • Coffee Barbeque Chicken - This mouth-watering recipe takes chicken to a whole new level. Shared from ABC's "The Chew" show, this recipe calls for vinegar, brown sugar, coffee and other ingredients to create an explosion of flavor in your chicken rub. Fantastic for preparing in the morning and marinating your chicken until you grill.

  • Fried Chicken with Coffee Molasses - Ok, so we know this isn't a grilling recipe. But, when we came across this recipe we just had to share. Here is all you need to know. COFFEE MOLASSES. We're sold. From






  • Pork Chops with Dry Coffee Rub -  BBQ dry rub lovers rejoice! This delicious recipe from calls for a dry rub to be added to your pork chops that enhances the natural pork taste without overwhelming the senses. Perfect for adding a little zest to your favorite pork items.

  • Coffee-Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Watermelon Rind Relish - At first glance this recipe can seem like a bit much. Coffee, pork tenderloin and watermelon? But, believe us. This recipe is no joke. The good people over at have done a great job breaking down the ingredients for this delicious dish. Most of the ingredients you already have for your July 4th cook out. If you're wanting to do something completely different that will blow your guests away look no further!


We hope everyone has a safe and delicious July 4th! As always feel free to share your creations with us online!