The Flying Biscuit Cafe Debuts H.C. Valentine Cold Brew Coffee

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The Flying Biscuit Café is introducing our H.C. Valentine award-winning, artisan cold brew to its menu this month.

“We want to offer our guests the newest and best beverages to compliment their dining experience with us,” said Brent Fuller, Brand Leader at The Flying Biscuit Café.

“We chose H.C Valentine because it is an award-winning coffee company that uses only 100 percent organic and sustainably-farmed coffee beans. It is the perfect addition to our menu at the Flying Biscuit, which will have some exciting new items in the coming months.”

Cold brew coffee does not go through the normal roasting process, instead it is steeped for 20 hours, providing a unique flavor. The process circumvents some of the acidity that is found in hot coffee, making it easier to taste the other flavors in the coffee. The end product is a surprisingly smooth, sweet, spicy, citrus taste with a caramel finish.  

H.C Valentine only uses the top two percent of the best-graded, high-grown coffees and is committed to finding farmers who strive for sustainable growing practices that will produce the finest taste characteristics for their growing regions.

The difference between artisan-roasted coffee and regular coffee lies in the roasting process. Artisan coffees perfect the process for a batch of beans and blend the roasts together, creating a taste profile that is balanced, richly flavorful and unique. (RELATED: Here's the difference between cold brew and iced coffee).