GIF: How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee with an AeroPress

Reading time: 1 minute

We've showed you how to brew the perfect cup of coffee with a French Press now we dive into how easy it is to brew coffee with an AeroPress.

From Aerobie (yes, the same Aerobie who make the long flying frisbees) comes one of the newest ways to brew coffee,; the AeroPress. This neat little device is perfect for the outdoors, travel, on the go or just for a quick, great cup of coffee! The AeroPress has grown in popularity recently and we decided to purchase one ourselves to see what all the fuss is about! Here is what we found.

What you'll need:

H.C. Valentine Whole Bean Coffee

Brew Time 2-3 Minutes


  1. Boil enough water for the amount you are making. Note: If you're not sure, fill a coffee cup 3/4 of the way then place that into kettle/pot and bring to boil!
  2.  Insert paper filter into bottom of AeroPress' filter.
  3. Weigh out 15 grams of coffee.
  4. Grind 15 grams to a fine grind.
  5. Place AeroPress over the coffee cup you are going to use.
  6. Slowly add water, pouring from kettle into AeroPress, saturating the coffee grounds in a circular motion.
  7. Stir the coffee grounds.
  8. Place plunger at top of AeroPress and wait.
  9. Wait 1-2 minutes and stir one last time
  10. Place plunger on AeroPress and slowly, steadily push down.