Product Spotlight: H.C. Valentine 100% Aztec Organic Cold Brew

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Our H.C. Valentine cold brew coffee concentrate is truly one of a kind. Read about the exotic and versatile flavor profiles of this amazing cold brew. 

H.C. Valentine cold brew

About H.C. Valentine Cold Brew Coffee

We steep our H.C. Valentine 100% Aztec Organic coffee for 20 hours in cold, triple-filtered water. This premium brew has low acidity, practically no bitterness and is infused with a unique caramel, chocolate finish.

In traditional brewing, heat is used to extract the flavor notes from the coffee during the brewing process. During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperatures allowing the complex flavors of coffee to be released.

Great on its own over ice, or with a splash of flavoring or milk, our cold brew is extremely versatile. We've even used our cold brew to make a chocolate pie and White Russian cocktails!

How to Serve H.C. Valentine Cold Brew Coffee

A small countertop footprint and sleek cold brew wrap, the slim-line urn provides a simple, easy solution to serving cold brew.

Our H.C. Valentine Aztec Organic Cold Brew comes bottled in a 64 oz. concentrate packaged four bottles to a case. With a simple 3-to-1 water to concentrate ratio, preparation couldn't be easier.

H.C. Valentine cold brewH.C. Valentine cold brew

To purchase H.C. Valentine Cold Brew Coffee, visit our online shop here or talk to your Royal Cup account representative.