Holiday Travel Tips for the Coffee-Fueled Traveler

Reading time: 2 minutes

Gifts are wrapped, sweaters are packed and you're bundled up for the journey ahead – it’s time to go home for the holidays! Holiday travel is one of the hallmarks of the holiday season. Many of us will hit the road for gatherings with family and celebrations with friends, crisscrossing the country with holiday cheer. For others, between Aunt Edith’s annual cookie swap and the big traditional dinner back at home with mom and dad, a long holiday roadmap can suck the holiday spirit out of even the most cheerful of travelers.

At Royal Cup, we believe one of the key ingredients in a happy holiday season is a warm cup of coffee or cocoa – and that rule applies to travel too! So, before you head over the river and through the woods, check out our holiday travel tips to keep you and yours cheerfully caffeinated (and sane) during your travels.

  1. Crank up the cheer. Get in the holiday spirit before you even leave the driveway! Turn up the holiday tunes and get ready to enjoy the ride. Whether you’re a fan of the holiday crooners or modern spins on classic carols, check your favorite music streaming service for a personalized playlist of holiday favorites.
  2. Fuel up often. When the gas light appears on the dashboard, don’t forget to refuel yourself while you gas up the car. Stop off at the service station for a classic cup of brew or roll through a coffee shop for a warm cup of joe that will keep you going ‘til your next pit stop.
  3. Enjoy the season. Feeling a little bit like Ebenezer Scrooge? Pour some cheer right into your cup with a holiday blend or seasonal latte. A taste of the holidays might be all you need to get back into the holiday spirit!
  4. Classic reindeer games. Remember the backseat games of your childhood? Bring them back with a holiday twist – try 20 Questions with holiday movies or carols, or play I Spy looking for holiday items like Christmas trees or lawn decorations. Before you know it, you’ll be arriving at your destination, filled with nostalgia for games of old.
  5. BYO-Brew Supplies. When your curated collection of coffee accessories can't make the trip, toss a few travel-friendly coffee items in your carry-on. With your favorite creamer or your trusty French press in tow, you can continue crafting your coffee creations on the road.
  6. Turn a travel delay into an adventure. Winter storms or holiday traffic throwing a wrench in your travel plans? Make the most of it! Take a turn off the interstate and explore the towns you find along the way. Find a coffee shop to spend the afternoon, window shop in boutiques and shops, or check out a local eatery known for its delicious grub (perhaps one that serves Royal Cup coffee or tea? Wink, wink.). 

Holiday road trips are notorious for hiccups, but with these tricks, you can turn National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation into a Miracle on 34th Street. Let us know where you're headed for the holidays on Twitter! We'd love to hear how you celebrate the season, coffee in hand.

From all of us at Royal Cup, we wish you safe travels and a very Happy Holidays!