Hot Teas for Springtime - What Should You Brew?

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With warmer weather so close you can touch it, you’ve got longer days, more sunshine, and T-shirts and flip-flops on your mind. The world around you is already heating up — so why would you add fuel to your fire with hot tea in spring?

Aside from its delicious flavors (of course), there are many reasons to keep sipping this steamy drink in warmer weather. 

Why Drink Hot Tea in Spring?

If ever there was a perfect year-round beverage, hot tea would take the cake. It’s one of the most versatile drinks ever, offering a range of flavors and depths to please any palate.

In the spring, you’ll want to take advantage of light fruity or floral notes that mimic the season and surround you with positivity. The right cup of tea can truly transform your day, pair perfectly with lighter foods, and refresh your senses and taste buds!

Our Best Hot Teas for Springtime

Need some hot tea inspiration? Check out our top springtime sips.

ROAR Organic Wild Mint Hot Tea

Spring is a breath of fresh air for many of us, especially if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters. Spring sunshine hits differently, and our ROAR Organic Wild Mint hot tea is the ideal refreshment. The distinct minty flavor tastes cool without overpowering. Adding mint to hot tea creates an ideal dance of fire and ice that’s surprisingly mellow and will leave you feeling sated.

ROAR Organic Coconut Bliss Hot Tea

Dreaming about your next cruise or a day at the beach? There’s nothing to give you those tropical vibes than the fruits of the island. That’s what makes our ROAR Organic Coconut Bliss hot tea a clear winner for spring. It’s your own little slice of paradise in a teacup. Sweet and smooth, a few sips will put you right on island time, even if you’re only standing in your own backyard oasis.

ROAR Organic Breakfast Hot Tea

With longer days ahead, it’s no surprise if you’re waking up earlier to soak in every minute. Let a cup of ROAR Organic Breakfast hot tea join you in those quiet early mornings. The natural caffeine in this bold-bodied black tea is just enough to put some pep in your step so you can go about your day with clarity and energy. You’ll have everything you need to power through your tasks and take advantage of the warmer weather and more daylight.

ROAR Organic Limoncello Chamomile Hot Tea

We make it easy to start every day with a little caffeine, but how do you end a full, rewarding day? We recommend the ROAR Organic Limoncello hot tea. It’s naturally caffeine-free so you can feel good about drinking it with dessert. It also contains chamomile, a favorite sleepytime ingredient that relaxes your mind and prepares your body for rest. Catch up on your zzz’s so you can feel refreshed in the morning and ready to do it all over again.