How to Brew Tea in Your Office Coffee Maker

Reading time: 1 minute

Be the office hero and bring the south's best sweet tea to your office for the coming summer months!

While coffee is the lifeblood of any office some days it can just be a little too hot for a 2nd (or 5th) cup of coffee. Well luckily for you we have the perfect solution for the thirsty office worker looking for some afternoon refreshment. We call it our "Sweet Brew" system and it will make your office the tea-filled paradise that it deserves to be. How does it work you ask?

The Sweet Brew filter is a patent pending filter bag which easily fits into most decanter brewing systems. For full list of recommended brewers click here. This filter contains pure cane sugar (no harmful High Fructose Corn Syrup) and hand-chosen teas and is formulated for the best tea experience with your decanter system.

All you have to do is place the filter into your decanter brewing system, brew and enjoy! You've enjoyed our famous sweet tea at restaurants nation wide, why wouldn't you want this incredible blend in your office?

Here is how it works.

1.) Place the filter bag (which contains the perfect amount of tea & sugar) in the designated tea-only funnel (available from your Royal Cup rep) and brew the same as your typical pot of coffee.

2.) Once brew is complete, pour the sweetened tea brew into a one gallon pitcher and add water to fill line.

3.) Add ice, gently stir and enjoy! 

No measuring, no extra equipment, no mess. Just great sweet tea.

If you'd like to bring Sweet Brew to your office simply contact us and we'll be happy to bring our famous sweet tea to your office!