How-to: Clean Your Decanter Coffee Maker

Reading time: 2 minutes

You take special care of your coffee. Be sure to take good care of your coffee maker as well to keep it running in tip top shape!

Maybe it is the center of your office break room. Maybe it is the core of your restaurants' breakfast menu. Maybe it is the first place you go when you wake up in the morning.

It's your coffee maker and regardless of how you use it, be sure you're taking quality care of your coffee equipment to reduce bacteria, maintain taste profile and ensure your coffee is served in the absolute best way possible! While there is a laundry list of brewers on the market, we are going to look specifically at what we call a "decanter" brewer. Also known as a pot brewing system.There are a host of brands and styles of decanter brewers on the market but, we've found these cleaning instructions will apply to most.

Note: Nearly all manufactures suggest cleaning out your equipment at least once a week to ensure your equipment stays clean, runs well and is free of any bacteria!


  1. Turn off the unit button on the front control panel.
  2. Wipe exterior surfaces with a damp cloth, removing spills and debris.
  3. Slide the brewcone out and clean it. Thoroughly soap the sprayhead area with a mild detergent solution.
  4. Rinse and dry the brewcone and sprayhead area.
  5. Wash glass decanters with a mild dishwashing solution. To remove mineral deposits, soak with vinegar.
  6. Wash the brewcone and wire brew basket, if applicable. Use a soft bristled brush for hard to clean areas.
  7. Warmer plates (available on larger models) if stained, may be cleaned with Ecolab Grease Cutter Plus (Heavy duty degreaser and cleaner) or equivalent.


  1. With hot water, thoroughly rinse all cleaned parts.
  2. With clear water, use a clean cloth to wash the exterior surfaces, removing residue left behind by the cleaning.


  1. Completely air dry all parts before installation on the unit.
  2. With a clean soft cloth, wipe dry all exterior surfaces of the unit to keep water from spotting the cabinet.

Note: Do not use cleansers, bleach liquids, powders or any other substance containing chlorine. These products promote corrosion and will pit the stainless steel and void the warranty.

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