Introducing the Royal Cup Equipment Troubleshooting Video Library!

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In addition to sourcing, roasting, blending and distributing premium coffee, tea, juice and allied products, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea provides equipment and equipment services to restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, offices and more throughout the country. To help support that equipment, our Phone Fix and Customer Service teams work tirelessly to make sure machines are in prime operational condition for your customers and guests.  

We’re creating a more proactive approach for getting you the help you need for common questions about your Royal Cup equipment by developing a series of short videos that walk you through common issues, because we desire to get you a solution in as little time as possible so you can get back to providing excellent products to your consumers. Of course, we continue to stand by at a moment's notice to offer world-class service and support.  

Coffee Equipment

a. Replacing A Missing or Broken Spray Head on Your Bunn CWTF Coffeemaker

b. Replacing the Batteries in Your Bunn Digital TF Server

c. Fixing Flavia Creation C400 or C500 Errors Codes #s 321, 328 and 360

Tea Equipment

a. Replacing Nozzles on Your Royal Cup Tea Urn

b. Installing or Replacing Touchless Metal Nozzles on Your Royal Cup Tea Urn

c. Installing Touchless Plastic Nozzles on Your Royal Cup Tea Urn

Juice Equipment

a. Calibrating the Flavor Strength in Your Royal Cup Juice Machine (Cornelius Quest 2000)

b. How to Flush and Clean Your Royal Cup Juice Machine (Cornelius Quest 2000)

Should you have further questions after watching these videos, feel free to reach out to us by calling 1-800-366-5836 or emailing