It's Time to Celebrate Coffee!

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On September 29th millions will celebrate National Coffee Day, and on October 1st millions of people around the world will celebrate International Coffee Day by waking up to the taste and aroma of their favorite morning brew. But this time, just for this day, their coffee will be a little different. A little extra special. Because it’s a holiday just for 'COFFEE!'

This delightfully tasty holiday first appeared in Japan in 1983 but didn’t make its way state-side until around 2005. And we’re so glad it did, because being world-famous purveyors of fine coffees, we take every opportunity to celebrate this delicious drink and the global farmers who make it.

Want to celebrate National Coffee Day, Royal Cup style? Let’s take a trip back in time to learn where your morning superpowers come from.


A Savory Little History about Coffee

Like many of the world’s greatest inventions, coffee was discovered slightly by accident. Its origins are a bit fuzzy, but it’s commonly believed that coffee was first roasted and brewed by Yemen monks in the 15th century. The abbot of the monastery couldn’t help but noticed how alert the drink made him during long evening prayers.

Traders traveling to and from Yemen brought coffee back to their home countries to sell, helping to spread the love around the world. However, it wouldn’t be until nearly 100 years later that coffee became a boon in Europe and more than 100 years after that when it gained a foothold in the Americas.


What National Coffee Day Means to Royal Cup

Though National Coffee Day might sound as quirky as National Donut Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day, it means so much more to us and the farmers we’ve partnered with.

“National Coffee Day is a day to really appreciate coffee,” shares Bruce Bria, Quality Assurance Manager at Royal Cup. “For me, that means thinking about the farmers and appreciating the hard work that goes into producing a cup of coffee. I don’t think people consider what goes into producing a cup of coffee. Families – kids, mothers, dads – are working on farms.”

It also makes us pause and think about how quality matters when making your favorite cup of coffee. According to Director of Green Coffee Ryan Vota, there are a lot of questions to answer concerning quality.

“Does it get the right amount of rain? How are the cherries grown? At what altitude is it growing? Are the cherries getting picked at the right time? Basically the entire process. The supply chain is so delicate that there are many factors that could contribute to the quality going wrong.”

Ryan reveals: “The highest quality coffees are the ones that are the most taken care of.”

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Coffee Today

Coffee is a very unique commodity. Everyone has a connection to it, and much is a personal preference. So, when picking a coffee ask yourself, what kind of roast do you like? What flavor are you looking for? And how do you choose to brew it? Once you answer each question, you will be ready to brew the perfect cup just for you.

Summing it All Up

This National Coffee Day, take a moment to pause over your steaming cup of brew and appreciate the art and the science of coffee producing. So much love and hard work is poured into every cup. Without the dedication of coffee farmers and Royal Cup’s commitment to high-quality sourcing and roasting, your world of coffee would be so much different. And cheers to a great cup of coffee!


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