It's World Water Day and We Have Big News

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It's World Water Day! A few months ago, we partnered with Neverthirst, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing clean water to underserved countries. For every serving of our Roar coffee sold, a portion of proceeds goes towards funding Neverthirst's various water projects. 

With the help of our amazing customers, we were able to donate over $28,000 to Neverthirst. Since today is World Water Day, we wanted to provide an update and tell you exactly how Neverthirst will be utilizing the funds we've given them -- $13,000 of our initial donation will be going to provide clean water to an entire school in Cambodia!

Six hours from Phnom Penh is the province of Mondulkirri  -- this rugged mountainous province borders Vietnam and is home to many minority groups. In many schools in Mondulkirri, children lack access to a safe drinking source. In some schools, the only source is a pond or a shallow well that runs dry.

Neverthirst saw this problem and identified several solutions:

1. Construction of a 38,000 liter concrete rain tank, gutter pipes and tap stand to provide safe drinking water to on average 250 students per school.​

world water day cambodia neverthirst

2. Classroom education on the importance of safe drinking water

world water day cambodia neverthirst

3. Ceramic filters in each classroom to treat water. 

world water day cambodia neverthirst

We're so thankful for our amazing customers who have supported our first cause-based coffee campaign and helped make this project possible. We look forward to even greater success with Neverthirst, and we'll continue providing updates as we hit donation milestones.

How to Get Involved on World Water Day

If you want to show some extra support on World Water Day, here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Volunteer or fundraise with Neverthirst
  • ​Buy our Roar coffee products HERE
  • Workout for clean water -- see participating gyms HERE
  • Donate directly to Neverthirst HERE or text "Thirst" to 56512 (standard data rates may apply)
  • Spread the word and use the hashtags #WorldWaterDay and #Roar4Change on social media