Last Minute Coffee Gift Ideas for Dad

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Is you dad what you would consider a coffee maniac? We've compiled a quick list of our best picks for your caffeine fueled Dad

Father's Day is this upcoming Sunday June 21st. Don't have a gift yet? No need to panic we've compiled a short list of gifts to pick up for Dad that are sure to brighten his mornings and give him that jolt he needs to get his day started!

  1. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System: is your dad always crunched for time in the mornings? Well the Keurig K45 helps your Dad get a great cup of coffee and get out the door! With its superior single cup system your dad can make a cup in under a minute, grab his mug and go! Did we also mention he can get his favorite flavor/brew of coffee with a Kcup? Including his favorite Royal Cup blend at the office? 

    Price: $95-$175
    Where to buy in retail: Bed bath and Beyond, Kohls, Best Buy
    Where to buy online: Amazon, Ebay
  2. Bean Box: is your dad a hipster? Always trying new coffee flavors and roasts? Well the team over at Bean Box has a diverse line up of small batch, artisan roasted coffee that it sends out on a monthly basis that will keep your dad's pallet tickled all year long. For $20/month your dad can receive either 1) a box of 4 small sample bags of coffee or 2) a full bag of small batch, artisan coffee picked out specifically around his taste pallet. This monthly subscription service is a home run for dads who might have long beards, lots of flannel and love Mumford and Sons.
    Price: $20 a month
    Where to buy:
  3. Grow your own coffee: Think your dad has what it takes to be a coffee farmer?  You can buy your dad some seeds, a small planter and instructions on how to grow his own coffea plants and make his own coffee! Easy, simple and the cheapest option on our list. 

    Price: $10
    Where to buy: 

  4. Artisan, small batch coffee: your dad works hard. Why not start off his day with something a little different in the morning? Our HC Valentine brand makes small batch, craft roasted coffee that will blow your dad's taste buds out of the water. From single origin organic to fair trade certified to crazy, exotic flavors, HC Valentine has the perfect blend to surprise your dad. 

    Price: $32 for 2lb bag of coffee
    Where to buy:

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Happy Father's Day!