Local Legends: Lucy's Coffee and Tea turns into Luke's Diner for a Day

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Lucy's Coffee and Tea in Birmingham, Alabama was one of the 250 coffee shops across the United States to turn into Luke's Diner for a day. If you're wondering what the heck "Luke's Diner" is, it's the fictional coffee shop from the popular show Gilmore Girls, which came off the air in 2007 and is premiering again this November.

To promote the show's four-part series coming to Netflix on November, 25th, Netflix sponsored 250 free cups of coffee at each coffee shop and branded the selected cafes with "Luke's" merchandise from the show. Check out this map below to see where the "Luke's Diner" coffee shops were.

Lucy's decided to throw their hat in the ring, and was named one of the official Netflix-sponsored coffee shops. This morning, the line wrapped around the block as Gilmore Girl fans anxiously waited for their free cup of coffee in a Luke's Diner cup. Lucy's is a longtime customer of Royal Cup and uses our Signature and Royal 150 Blends, so we couldn't resist peaking our heads in to check out the action!

Here are some photos from the event at Lucy's Coffee and Tea today. Did you check out a Luke's Diner in your town? Tweet your pics to us at @RoyalCup