National Irish Coffee Day: The Lucky Tale Behind this Beloved Beverage

Reading time: 2 minutes

If you’ve never tried Irish Coffee, you’re missing out on a real treat! From its spicy kick to its silky-smooth finish, our team at Royal Cup can’t get enough of this delicious drink. On National Irish Coffee Day, we’re sharing the tale of this beloved beverage and how it became one of the world’s most well-known pick-me-ups.

To begin the story, let’s rewind the clock to 1942 on the west coast of Ireland. At this time in history, the area had become an important layover destination for air travel between Europe and North America.

Weary and tired travelers would spend a night or two in the little towns throughout the coast looking for both rest and hospitality -- and no one welcomed these travelers better than the Foynes Airbase! Catering to the increasing number of exhausted travelers arriving daily, the airbase created a new restaurant specifically to serve these passengers.

One evening, a flight had to return to Foynes Airbase mid-way through its journey. Chef Joe Sheridan, feeling empathy for the delayed and weary passengers, decided to whip up something special for them to enjoy. He threw together whiskey, coffee and cream – and a legend was born. But, where did the name come from? Legend has it that an American traveler asked if the delightful treat was made with Brazilian coffee, and Chef Joe responded “No, that’s Irish Coffee.”

It didn’t take long for the popularity of this brew-tiful creation to spread around the world. In 1952, Irish Coffee was introduced to the United States through Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer. Stanton shared the idea with Jack Koeppler, a bartender at the Buena Vista Hotel in San Francisco and convinced him to recreate the beverage. The American attempted to recreate the magical concoction but couldn’t quite crack the code. They had to call in the master, Chef Joe Sheridan, and offered him a job in the States – in which he gladly accepted.  

Decades later, people throughout the world are still enjoying this delectable treat. Whether you’re hosting friends and family, or looking for some luck after a long day, this drink will leave you frappe and satisfied!

Royal Cup’s Rendition of the Perfect Irish Coffee:


  • 1/3rd parts simple syrup
  • 1-part Whiskey
  • 3 parts Royal Cup espresso (Click here to purchase)
  • Milk of your choice


  1. Pour the simple syrup and whiskey into glass.
  2. Add a double shot of espresso over the whiskey.
  3. Pour in the frothed milk. (texture the milk like you would for cappuccino)
  4. Top the glass with the froth.
  5. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
  6. Enjoy!