Partnership with Neverthirst: Q2 Donation Update

Reading time: 1 minute

Several months ago, we partnered with Neverthirst, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing clean water to underserved countries. For every serving of our Roar coffee sold, a portion of proceeds goes towards funding their various water projects

We chose this organization because clean water isn't just necessary for good coffee, it's also necessary for life. 3.4 million people die each year due to diseases related to unclean drinking water, and we wanted to slash that number.

With the help of our amazing customers, we were able to donate nearly $29,000 to Neverthirst in the first quarter of our partnership - $13,000 of which went to provide clean water to an entire school in Cambodia!

In the second quarter of our partnership, we've donated over $37,000, putting our total donation over $66,000 just this year! We're excited to see what projects the organization will accomplish with these funds, and as always, we'll keep you updated as we know more.

To learn more about Neverthirst and their mission, click here. To buy our Roar whole bean coffee, please click here.