Origin Story: Kenya Coffee

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At Royal Cup, we’re committed to serving the best coffee and tea products around – but we can’t do it alone. Our team travels the world finding the industry’s best partners who grow and produce the highest-quality crops, while also working to positively impact their local communities.

Our popular ROAR Kenya Flame Tree coffee originates from the Eastern region of the African country. This area’s unique history and culture shape the bold and distinct flavors of the Kenyan products you know and love today.


Behind the Bean

The story of Kenya coffee begins with the country’s history as a British colony. In 1893, missionaries imported Brazilian coffee into Kenya – introducing the country to the beloved beverage. After the British colonized Kenya in 1895, they took control of all crops, including coffee.  

At this time in history, Kenya’s best coffee was exported around the world, leaving the locals with the lowest grade. It wasn’t until 1960 that Kenyans began taking ownership of the growing and manufacturing of their beans; however, there were still endless governmental restrictions on the coffee-making process. Through bold reforms and the bravery of many Kenyans, farmers began to freely produce and manufacture their products however they desired, changing the future of Kenya coffee forever.   

Today, Kenya’s coffee industry is defined by innovation and opportunity. Organizations like the Kenya Coffee Producer's Association, a membership group of coffee farmers in Kenya, contribute to protecting and growing the socioeconomic welfare of coffee producers throughout the country. Royal Cup chooses to only partner with Kenyan producers with a strong commitment to high quality and positive sustainability efforts.


We’ve Got a “Latte” to Learn from Kenya

Everything is a product of its environment — and coffee is no exception. Kenya’s famous Arabica coffee is carefully grown in the high altitudes of Mt. Kenya. The elevation helps the coffees grow slowly, allowing ample time to develop, and also provides lots of nutrients to the coffee plants. The region’s rich volcanic soil and pure rainfall create a deep, bright flavor within every sip. Kenya’s diverse botanical landscape contributes to the coffee’s hints of blackcurrant, honey, and lavender.

But we know that it’s not just where coffee is grown, but how it’s grown that matters. The hardworking people of Kenya have been perfecting their craft for generations. Kenyans are committed to nurturing their land and protecting the high quality of the crops grown in it. Their attention to detail throughout the pruning, harvesting, and processing of the beans is key to the coffee’s unmatched quality.    

Kenyans also meticulously classify the beans by shape, color, and density. Bigger beans typically have more essential oils that enhance the taste and aroma. The largest and best coffee beans are graded Kenya AA.


Fit for Royalty

Royal Cup proudly serves a single-origin Kenya coffee, ROAR Kenya Flame Tree. Our product is named after a Kenyan tree distinguished by its bright orange and red leaves. The Flame Trees’ colors are replicated through vibrant and lively flavors like caramelized peaches, apricots, and toasted nuts. Check out our Kenya coffee here!


We love our products and enjoy sharing the stories of how they travelled into your cup. To learn more about our coffee from Kenya and how you can purchase them for your business or home, contact us today!