Our Cup Overflows: Happy Thanksgiving from Royal Cup

Reading time: 2 minutes

The season of thanks is finally here, and our team at Royal Cup has a-latte to be grateful for. Our cup overflows with appreciation for the amazing community of customers, team members, and partners that have supported our company for over 120 years. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, discover what some of our team members are most grateful for this year!

“My family, my health and happiness, and Royal Cup - where I’m surrounded by friends, not just co-workers.” - Pam Lancaster, National Accounts Sales Assistant 

“The many relationships that were formed at Royal Cup. I met my husband here almost 11 years ago. We may not realize it, but we spend more time at work than we do at home. Over the years, some of my co-workers have become my best friends. I know this is true for many people here. I wouldn’t trade these friendships for anything.” - Kerri Peterson, Inventory Control Analyst

“Delicious and bottomless coffee and tea at work, especially on the cool, crisp days! I’m also thankful for team members who continuously work hard in their respective roles to meet the needs of our customers across the country.” - Jim Smith, Senior Vice President, Sustainability

“Our marketing team who really does feel like a family….and definitely endless coffee!” - Lauren Popovich, Channel Marketing Manager

“My sisters and both of their little munchkins on the way. I’m also thankful for awesome co-workers who make my workday that much better by being my best friends. Finally, I’m grateful for my family that I get to come home to every day, including my amazing husband and three babies. Cats...they’re cats.” - Britney Kelley, EspresShip Coordinator

“Rocking chairs and free coffee from Royal Cup!” -Brant Bosley, OCS National Account Executive

“When I first joined Royal Cup, I relocated from Ohio without my family for the first couple of weeks. One morning on my way to work, it started raining…I mean REALLY raining. Pouring! When I arrived at the office I parked in the back lot and thought if I give the rain a few minutes – it would ease up just a bit. After about five minutes, I realized this isn’t getting any better and I mustered up the will to go for it. I reached around to the back seat where I keep my umbrella…and wait, I’m not in MY car. I’m in a rental and there is NO UMBRELLA! It’s now raining harder, and I’m stuck. Only option was to throw open my door and run. In my mind, I’m running like an Olympic sprinter, but in reality, I am awkwardly running towards the building with my briefcase over my head. Soaked by the time I reach the door; I sheepishly head to my office. Unsuccessful at my attempt to dry my clothes and hair, I walk (while my wet shoes squeak down the hall) to my first meeting of the day.

When I return to my office after the meeting, I see two Royal Cup umbrellas on my desk. Cindy Entrekin comes over and says, ‘I saw you running into the building today and thought you might need one of these.’ I literally hugged and thanked her – looking back now, I hope I didn’t get her clothes soaked when doing so (sorry Cindy if I did). And not to worry, she confirmed I don’t run like an Olympic sprinter.

I was so thankful for the act of kindness Cindy showed me that day. I have told this story to several people in the spirit of celebrating who Royal Cup is as a culture. We look out for one another, we support one another, and we offer kindness when it is not expected.” - Anne Pritz, CMO

We hope these stories of gratitude encourage you to reflect on the things that overflow your cup this holiday season. From our table to yours, we wish you a joyful Thanksgiving!