Praveena Sundarraj, Our Newly Certified Q Grader

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We have the constant drive to improve. In all areas of our business, from operations to sourcing, we are seeking ways to empower populations and ensure the quality of our products. Our Coffee Marketing Manager, Praveena Sundarraj, shares that passion to the craft and has successfully completed Q Grader certification from the Coffee Quality Institute. Check out the video below for the full story.

There is more to tasting coffee than you might first think.

The coffee can have enzymatic taste like apples, apricot, prune, and plums. It can have sugar browning taste like chocolate, honey, caramel, or even the taste of spices like pepper or cloves.

Every day, our team of cuppers tastes coffee samples before they are purchased and brought to our facility for roasting and packaging. This team includes another Q Grader, Bruce Bria, Quality Assurance Manager. Now, Praveena is one of those 4,000 certified Q Graders in the world. We are proud of Praveena’s accomplishment and thankful for the support from our green bean team.